Monday, November 30, 2015

Our hopeless media won't call it terrorism

There is no hope - at least not for the media.

Robert Dear's rampage that killed 3 people at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs was domestic terrorism. There's no other phrase for it.

But I haven't seen any major media outlet call it that.

When ISIS attacked Paris, it was rightly called terrorism. I don't know anyone who would deny that it was terrorism. But why is it so easy to see international terrorism but not domestic terrorism?

And make no mistake: Dear's attack was inspired by the misnamed Center for Medical Progress's fraudulent editing of its Planned Parenthood videos. The CMP was also cheered on by Republican politicians - which is hardly surprising, because the GOP long ago abandoned pursuit of facts.

From the standpoint of electoral politics, this is a big deal, because - decade after decade - the media has doubled down on its efforts to install Republicans in public office. The GOP wasn't always this extreme. I can't imagine, say, Gerald Ford throwing bombs at Occupy marchers. But the GOP of 2015 is a different matter. Likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been described as being to the right of even the heroin-dealing Tea Party - because some in the Tea Party at least were smart enough to sanitize their fascism before broadcasting it. The more extreme the party gets, the more the press seems to support it.

The party that encourages domestic terrorism is the party that the media thinks is entitled to win votes without having to earn them. That's the state of American politics in the 2010s.