Friday, November 20, 2015

Huge scandal devours Grant County GOP

Even the ultraconservative Cincinnati Enquirer has had its fill of the corruption and political favoritism that defines the Republican machine in Grant County, Kentucky. I'll take the rare step of letting you read about it from the Enquirer first...

Among other things, county officials - including Republican Judge-Executive Stephen Wood, who is Grant County's top elected official - are seen discussing firing a payroll clerk who supported Democrats. They also suggest replacing the clerk with someone younger who has "big tits."

As a result of this firing, the payroll clerk has asked for lost wages from the county, and may file a lawsuit.

This follows a separate scandal in Grant County government that involved now-defeated Jailer Terry Peeples. Peeples, who called himself the conservative candidate in his 2010 campaign, went on to be sued by several employees who alleged he had ordered deputies to lie under oath, committed sexual harassment, and forced employees to engage in sexual activity. Peeples had also been accused of child molestation in Oklahoma.