Thursday, November 19, 2015

Far Right incites violence against refugees

Now the Far Right has really done it.

Kentucky has been able to accept Syrian refugees before Matt Bevin could seize power and force them out. But Bevin's extremist rhetoric has already incited violence against them.

Refugees who have been resettled in Louisville already report being the victims of hate crimes - incited by the likes of Bevin. A refugee was attacked on a bus by someone yelling, "I'm going to fucking kill you!"

To be sure, there are many folks in Kentucky and elsewhere who welcome Syrian refugee families. But there's lots of folks in lots of places who think lots of things - and don't always prevail, no matter how right they are. For instance, Congress had only a 5% approval rating, but most of Congress was re-elected anyway.

Meanwhile, agencies in Kentucky say they will continue to settle refugees in the Bluegrass State - until someone orders them to stop. But Matt Bevin telling them to stop might not be the only worry. Now these newcomers to America's shores are forced to contend with violent hate crimes - all because of Bevin and other right-wing robots.