Saturday, November 21, 2015

Diaper Dave loses governor bid in upset

You wouldn't expect Louisiana to provide the highlight of an election season, but I guess having Diaper Dave around changes things a bit.

Louisiana's gubernatorial runoff was today, and fascist Sen. David Vitter - the Republican candidate - has gone down in defeat to Democrat John Bel Edwards.

Surprised? Actually, there's a history in Louisiana of Republicans underperforming in runoffs just after the party trumpeted its victories elsewhere. My theory is that it's a voter backlash. On the other hand, if Louisiana uses the same voting machines that Kentucky has that are easily tampered with, we'd expect the GOP to do much better.

Unfortunately, folks in Louisiana still have to deal with the diaper fetishist embarrassing their state in the Senate. And it's not as if today's runoffs are completely on the level, since - as in Soviet Russia - the only 2 Attorney General candidates are Republican.