Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bevin appoints right-wing conspiracy theorist

Kentucky's Public Protection Cabinet covers numerous agencies ranging from the Department of Housing to the Crime Victims Compensation Board. It is one of the top appointed positions in Kentucky government.

So naturally, Matt Bevin appointed a far-right hack named David Dickerson to this post. Dickerson's specialty is his claim that President Obama's birth certificate was falsified and that Obama's father was actually political activist and journalist Frank Marshall Davis, who Dickerson says was a communist. Dickerson has left an electronic paper trail on Facebook as long as a roll of toilet paper consisting of mind-numbingly idiotic ravings.

This is the current state of The Media's preferred political party. Every time I point this out, I feel like Archie Bunker complaining to Edith, "Once again, your side of the family." Of course, Archie wouldn't be bigoted enough for today's Republicans.