Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tea Party activist almost shoots up university

Today, Arkansas State University just narrowly avoided being the site of a mass shooting by a Tea Party activist.

An armed man named Brad Bartelt drove onto campus after declaring on Facebook that he intended to kill people. But police were able to stop him before he shot anyone. Bartelt was then arrested.

It turns out Bartelt's Facebook page is full of Tea Party and other right-wing material - much of it complaining about the "war on Christmas" that Fox News is always hyping.

Authorities actually went to Bartelt's home yesterday because of his Facebook threats. But I guess they didn't take him that seriously. I guess nobody wants to believe a Tea Party supporter would act on their violent threats. If he was, say, an Occupy member, he would have been hauled off to the slammer on the spot. I guarantee it.

Stronger gun laws? Let's start with the Tea Party. They've proven they can't responsibly handle any weapon more powerful than a toy Star Wars Lightsaber.