Thursday, December 10, 2015

'Pail Polls are comin' at ya...

...The paddle's on the way! (That's an inside joke. Some of my grade school classmates will get it.)

I have 2 new 'Pail Polls that I'm gonna keep up until mid-January. They've been prompted by a couple of controversies I've argued with people about lately.

The first poll asks whether I should continue with my plans to move out of greater Cincinnati and northern Kentucky. I proposed Detroit as a likely new home, but it could be other places too. The reason I planned to move was that ideological allies locally expected me to do all their work for them, and I don't have much patience left. They need to step up to the plate too. As it is now, I have to coach them on everything - like when a teacher has to stand over a really smart kid who won't do their coursework.

When I announced recently I planned to move out of town, they doubled down and insisted that I stay. I guess that's because if I left, they'd have nobody around to rescue them, since they won't do their part.

The second poll asks whether I should switch my political party affiliation from the Green Party back to the Democratic Party. Lately I've been asked to run against Thomas Massie as a Democrat. But I doubt I have the energy to run a high-profile race like that. I switched to the Greens in the first place because of the right-wing takeover of the Democrats at the hands of the DLC and Third Way - which manifested itself in right-wing policies like Bill Clinton's support for school uniforms. But the Tea Party grew into the Republicans from the right and eventually took over the party. Why can't we expand into the Democrats from the left and capture that party?

Or is it just another of The Media's many double standards?

If I ultimately stay in this area or return to the Democrats, concessions will have to be made - and not by me. I already provided a list of rules that must be met if I stay in this area. If I return to the Democrats, the party will not be allowed to advance a right-wing agenda. Political extortion from the Third Way bullies will not be tolerated. Otherwise I'll leave the party again and split the Democrats' voter base. I can make things very rough if I want to. Those are the rules. Cooperation is expected.

Also, these polls require a yes or a no. You must be decisive and not wishy-washy. There is no "if poo" option.