Monday, December 28, 2015

California highway department posts pro-Trump sign

In my career of exposing right-wing follies, I've never said most of our high-ranking government officials haven't been more interested in rightist ideological pursuits than in governing. It was bad enough when "Diaper Dave" Vitter introduced a bill to establish a national Tea Party day, or when counties in Kentucky accepted free services (i.e., a payoff) from a right-wing legal foundation to defend union-busting laws, but this story is as flagrant as it gets.

The California Department of Transportation has posted an electronic sign on Interstate 15 in Corona endorsing Donald Trump for President. On Christmas night, motorists saw that the sign read, "INLAND EMPIRE SUPPORTS DONALD TRUMP. MERRY XMAS. VOTE DONALD TRUMP."

Naturally, Trump's cultists are praising Caltrans on website comment sections for spending taxpayer money on this endorsement.

This is part of the revolving door of right-wing patronage. Who says the Evil Empire wants to tear down government? Instead, they mold government for ideological ends.