Monday, December 28, 2015

Kentucky GOP using undemocratic means to seize House

If no other members of the Kentucky House switch parties or are appointed to other posts, the chamber could conceivably be split 50/50 after upcoming special elections - even though voters gave the Democrats a 54 to 46 majority in the last cycle. The Democrats won that majority despite gerrymandering and election fraud that favored the Republicans - and the fact that the Democrats didn't run a candidate in many seats.

With climate change denier Jim Gooch joining the GOP, the Republicans' task has been made easier. If they pull it off in the House, it would mirror the coup they pulled off in the Kentucky Senate some years back. Republicans gained the Senate by the same undemocratic method: Lawmakers waited until after being elected as Democrats to switch to the GOP.

However, in order to have a 50/50 split, the Republicans would have to win all 4 upcoming special elections. As I said, that assumes nothing else changes.

After Matt Bevin's flurry of much-ridiculed, illegal executive orders, this would be a strange time for a politician to switch to Republican. But you'd think 1995 would be too, yet that didn't stop a lot of politicians from switching then. Is there much that does stop them? We have a media that paints the Republicans as doing no wrong and divinely entitled to unlimited political power.