Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Embarrassing political career haunts Bevin appointee

So David Dickerson - who Matt Bevin appointed to head Kentucky's powerful Public Protection Cabinet - is a conspiracy theorist, right-wing hack, and Tea Party leader. But Dickerson also has his own humiliating career in elected office.

Dickerson used to be Barren County Judge-Executive - the county's top elected position - before being defeated for reelection by a 2-to-1 margin. Dickerson - a member of Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition - was having an affair with a teacher at a private religious school.

Now - in his first 3 days since taking his post in the Bevin regime - Dickerson has been calling up important people back in Barren County to tell them they're "cut out" from the new administration.

Lots of folks - smart folks too - seem to just assume that either the entire Bevin administration will be hounded out of Kentucky soon or the Republicans will be beaten so badly in 2016 that it won't matter. Given the inaction on challenging the election results, media bias, and other factors, I'm not very confident of this. The GOP is the party that enjoyed a 5-year streak of wave elections when they should have been put on trial for crimes against humanity. If I knew for sure the Kentucky GOP would be held accountable soon - instead of having to wait until today's youngest voters are 65 - I wouldn't have planned my Detroit move.