Monday, December 28, 2015

More Jim Gooch stupidity

As Kentucky State Rep. Jim Gooch Jr. switches parties, he's been ramping up the stupid in the process.

Today, Gooch issued a rambling statement blaming President Obama and everyone else for just about everything. Gooch even said of Obama: "His divisive policies of class warfare will continue as he punishes those who dare to work hard and be successful. After all, it is their fault that others are less fortunate."

That's hilarious! About the only thing as bad as Gooch's climate change denial is his income inequality denial. He thinks it's either 1997 or Facebook if he expects not to be called out.

It's no wonder most of the Democrats are actually glad to see Jim Gooch gone. Ironically, the Democrats needed to get rid of its right wing in order to grow the party.

Meanwhile, Republicans have issued a statement welcoming Gooch - after Gooch's own statement that was full of bigotry and finger-pointing.