Thursday, December 10, 2015

Racist crap in Bellingham

This is an example of the garbage that goes on in America because of Donald Trump and the rest of the Tea Party encouraging it with their hate speech...

In case you can't read the link, here's what happened: A gang of 3 racist thugs assaulted an interracial couple in Bellingham, Washington. The attack was caught on video.

The assault wasn't carried out by just a lone nut. It was a trio - an organized effort.

Also recently, a pair of Boston brothers senselessly beat a homeless man - and one of the assailants said he felt inspired in part by Trump's comments bashing immigrants. White supremacist David Duke gloats that Trump's campaign has given raw bigots more cover for their actions than at any time in 20 years.

Right-wing terrorism lurks large in today's America, and the biggest culprit is the Tea Party itself - which has backed the Donald's candidacy. How can we solve the blight of fascism on America's landscape? I could give you some ideas, but it might not matter, since everyone is too wussified to act on them.