Friday, June 24, 2016

Jake brakes a mistake in the Belv

Don't look now, but Bellevue may finally be cracking down on wayward construction traffic that threatens the city.

Dayton's rubber-stamping of the unsustainable Manhattan Harbour development has led to noisy construction trucks speeding through Bellevue on Fairfield Avenue. It isn't constant, but it's been occurring on and off for well over a year. It's also nowhere near the same league as the pile driver of a decade ago - or even the sanitation district's 3 AM jackhammer of several months ago - but neighbors have grown tired of it.

The trucks have been seen flying down the street at 50 MPH - twice the speed limit - and have disobeyed traffic lights and almost struck pedestrians. The trucks also have loud, squeaky engine brakes that have kept folks awake in the middle of the night. If I wanted to hear that much squeaking, I'd go buy a rubber duckie like Ernie. The evidence is mighty convincing that this construction firm does this just because they can. There are actually several different companies with construction trucks for this project, but I know of only one to be implicated in this reckless behavior.

Last week, this nuisiential conduct was brung up at a Bellevue City Council session. I wasn't there, but I found a video of the meeting online. Listening through the muffling noise of the video, I learned that the city is dusting off its neglected jake brake ordinance and plans on sending the construction company a cease-and-desist letter.

Do you seriously think Fort Thomas would tolerate this much noise and danger? The working people of Bellevue have as much right to a tolerable standard of living as the aristocrats in Fort Thomas do.