Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kentucky publishes right-wing report attacking Social Security

For the first time ever, a state has financed and published a report assailing Social Security disability benefits - even though it's a federal program.

The report by Kentucky's Disability Determination Services points out the growth in the number of Kentuckians receiving disability aid between 1980 and 2015. Some of the real reasons for this growth are an aging workforce, the fact that Americans are less healthy than in 1980, and psychiatric abuse. But the report instead blames "factors which are completely unrelated to the mitigation or treatment of hardship borne of genuine disability." The study whines that the Social Security Administration is just trying to pad its own budget by being too generous with benefits. That's a lie, and it's been discredited.

The report demands a host of "reforms", most of which would gut the Social Security disability program. Nice to know Kentucky is trying to tell the federal government how to run Social Security. Kentucky certainly can't make these changes itself, since Social Security is federal. The states have their own agencies for disability determination, but they're bound by federal law. Of course, Kentucky state government has become so incompetent lately that if you try to access the whole report online, your browser pops up a message that says, "The owner of has configured their website improperly." With that kind of incompetence, how can we trust them with Social Security?

Among the "reforms" demanded in the report are removing a host of conditions from eligibility for disability. The study also blames Social Security for causing the pandemic of opioid abuse, when the biggest causes are Big Pharma's greed and the Tea Party selling heroin. Yes, the same Tea Party that fueled this bogus report.

In my America, the assholes don't get to decide what conditions are severe and what conditions aren't. They're not the ones with the social work degree, so they're to zip their lip about it. Go to school and get your degree before you shoot your big mouth off about what you don't know.

It's also nice to know Kentucky wasted taxpayer money on a report that accuses other agencies of waste.

Support for single payer healthcare grows weekly, but Kentucky officials remain mired in debunked lies.


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