Monday, October 9, 2017

Pence wasted $1M on NFL tantrum

Yesterday, so-called Vice-President Mike Pence had a public meltdown like the big crybaby he is.

Pence flew to Indianapolis for a football game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers. Players on the visiting team took a knee during the national anthem, as part of NFL players' ongoing protests against racial injustice. This caused Pence to storm out of the stadium and skip the game.

Pence's temper tantrum was actually a planned publicity stunt, and Donald Trump even takes credit for giving him the idea.

It turns out that Pence's self-serving display cost about $1 million. And guess who paid for it? U! That's who! Pence flies on Air Force Two. It's unknown exactly how much the aircraft's operating costs are, but Air Force One costs over $200,000 an hour. Pence flew from Las Vegas to Indianapolis for his brief appearance at the game - then out to Los Angeles for a Republican fundraiser. Each flight took over 4 hours.

Then there's the cost of idling Air Force Two on the ground in Indy while he threw his little fit. Plus, there's the cost of Secret Service, which had to arrive at the stadium early to make sure it was safe.

Do the math. This childish gimmick probably cost taxpayers well over $1 million. It was reported that flying Air Force Two from Las Vegas to Los Angeles - and skipping the Indy photo op - would have cost only $45,000.

This was such a staged story that the photo Pence released that purports to show him at the game was actually from a different game 2 years ago.

Because Pence's flight to L.A. was a for a political event, this is the latest in a series of scandals involving officials in the Trump regime wasting taxpayer money on flights for personal or political purposes.

A lot of real Colts fans were actually late to the game in Indianapolis because of the traffic jams Pence's appearance caused - yet Pence didn't even stay for the game!

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