Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Passports should be revoked for blocking human rights

As you know, because disgraced Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis hates gays, she defied the Supreme Court by refusing to sign marriage licenses of same-sex couples.

Now Davis - Kentucky's version of Roy Moore - is traveling to Romania to encourage the passage of an antigay constitutional amendment there. Davis is touring the eastern European country with some nobody from the misnamed Liberty Counsel, an Orlando-based right-wing hate group. The pair is meeting with right-wing activists in Romania. Some of the activists funding the trip have endorsed execution of gays.

Luckily, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis opposes the amendment, and the nation's biggest opposition party opposes it too.

The U.S. government should revoke passports of American citizens who travel abroad to violate human rights. This story shows why. Every time Republicans start a war, they claim to be spreading the cause of democracy and human rights. America can't claim to be a human rights leader when it exports hate.


  1. Matt Bevin has brought out the worst bigots in Kentucky..There hasn't been so much bigotry since the Third Reich..

    And on the same day they wanted to cut social security, they gave money to Kim Davis to fly to ROMANIA?? I LOL at these idiots..

    1. Kim Davis is Kentucky's Ambassador of Stupid.