Saturday, July 24, 2010

Congressman pushes Tennessee's secession

I have a confession: In the mid-'90s, I firmly supported Kentucky seceding from the United States.

The reason was simple: The Republican Congress of the day was a rogue Congress. I mean that literally: It gained power through force, and it should not have even been regarded as a legitimate Congress. State government in Kentucky (a free-bargaining state) tracked to the left of Congress at the time.

If only Kentucky had the gumption to openly challenge Congress in the '90s, things could have been very different in the last decade. By that, I mean better. By far.

That's more than I can say for the sore loser bully runs by the extreme right that have been launched as a response to Obama's presidency. Last year, right-wing Texas Gov. Rick Perry advocated that Texas secede all because he didn't like the election results. Now Tennessee congressman Zach Wamp - a GOP candidate for governor - wants the Volunteer State to secede.

Wamp was Conservative Fool Of The Day for 3/6/09 because he claimed health care is a privilege, not a right, and because he didn't know the difference between communism and socialism. Now Wamp says that if he's elected governor, he'll push for Tennessee to secede because he doesn't like the recently passed health care law.

Zach, grow up! Your party lost because it sucks, OK? It sucks 77 flavors of ass. Get that through your head. Ironically, Wamp wants Tennessee to secede even though he came to Congress as part of the 104th Reich - the very crew of congresscritters that prompted Kentucky's efforts to secede.

Don't be fooled by the right-wing secessionists' phony populist pretenses and bluster. They're as elitist as it comes. Their coffers are filled by corporate dough.

But I think a lot of this is about Zach Wamp thinking he can do what he wants just because he's Zach Wamp. Nobody ever set boundaries for him in life. He grew up in privilege, so maybe the GOP's recent losses are the first time anyone has ever told him no.


  1. "Zach, grow up! Your party lost because it sucks, OK? It sucks 77 flavors of ass."

    I don't want to know what you do for fun.

    And how did sucking win Scott Brown the election?

  2. It's called media bias, smartass.