Monday, July 12, 2010

Tom Corbett goes on attack against unemployed

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett is the Republican candidate for governor of his state. He wouldn't have a chance of winning except that the media just loves him. Love him to pieces, they do.

But Corbett may have self-destructed with his latest meme. Now he claims that unemployment isn't caused by corporate greed, outsourcing, and other market vagaries, but by a bunch of lazy people who'd rather not work.

He attacked jobless Pennsylvanians by accusing them of choosing to collect unemployment instead of working. Well, Tom, maybe if there were still any jobs left after your Republicans got through with things, they might be able to find a job.

Weird how he claims every company is hiring, but he won't name any of these mystery companies.

Unemployment pays as little as $60 a week, and Tom Corbett thinks people would rather live on that than work?

I'd suspect that Corbett's refusal to grasp simple economics would dash his chances of getting elected governor, but remember, the Republican Congress of the '90s was built on a very similar meme to what Corbett displays.

All this after Corbett tried using subpoenas to make Twitter reveal the identities of people who dared to criticize him.


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