Friday, July 9, 2010

Rand Paul keeps getting dumber!

When Rand Paul spews mind-numbing garbage like this, it ought to just utterly sink his candidacy. Sink it, I say!

The embattled Senate candidate's latest idiotic argument is that the poor have it easy.

No wonder they call Rand Paul the Internet candidate. It sounds like that's where he's getting his crap. The only question seems to be whether he gets it from Facebook or Free Republic.

At a candidate forum yesterday, Paul - in an attempt to defend his claim that criticizing BP (a foreign corporation) is "un-American" - said America's poor have it better than "the rest of the world." Uh, Rand, do you even know what the word 'poor' means?

With America having such a wide gap between the rich and the poor, it's actually worse to be poor in America than in lots of other places. Because of America's yawning economic disparity, goods can command higher prices, and there's less of a support network for the poor. (At minimum, this means America's poor are more likely to be attacked just for being poor.) Then again, the type of poverty that exists in America barely exists at all in some countries - which have a strong safety net.

As Rand Paul tries channeling Andre Bauer, all it proves is that Paul (like Bauer) is someone who's always lived a life of privilege.

Also, Paul's fable about Soviet propaganda films accidentally catching poor New Yorkers watching color TV sets is bogus. At the time the Soviets made these films, color TV's were almost never found even in middle-class homes - in any country.

Just keep talking, Rand. We'd love to see you lose.


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