Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poor, poor Wall Street

Pity poor little oppressed Wall Street. It's had it so rough in life.

In New York City, U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney is facing a challenge in September's Democratic primary in the form of Reshma Saujani. Saujani's embrace of Wall Street is pure DLC.

While Wall Street apologism may seem viable within the party apparatus, as New York Democrats keep trudging rightward, most folks are quite distressed by it. But Saujani remains undeterred when confronted by logic. The Washington Post quotes her as saying, "We need to extend a hand [to Wall Street] rather than a fist."

I think we should extend a middle finger to Wall Street - not cozy up to it as Saujani wants. While Saujani actually claims Congress has been too hard on big banks (aw, the poor things), her campaign has been funded by big bank execs and other major names from the ranks of the rich and powerful - many of them Republicans.

Saujani also has the backing of execs from Facebook, which lately has swung to the extreme right.

Is this what the Democratic Party has come to? Honestly, what's the difference between it and the Republicans these days?


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