Monday, July 26, 2010

LeftMaps goes downtown; Far Right becomes cloud of sawdust

LeftMaps - which helps support this blog (and vice versa) - has been on a roll lately, and now our mapping business has completed our long-awaited map of downtown Cincinnati.

Predictably, the Far Right hates it. They hate most everything. But they love Pepsi Light! (Just kidding about the Pepsi Light part. It's an '80s joke that only old dudes like me will get.)

Since downtown Cincinnati is the region's center of business, it's had a few political meltdowns of minor note in recent years. For instance, some right-wing thug tried starting a fight with me on Fountain Square during Oktoberfest in 2004. (If he did it now, I'd break his jaw.) Fountain Square has also been the site of several Tea Parties - for which many participants stayed at the swanky Westin across the street. (Almost all Tea Partiers are rich, so why not?)

Things are going to get bigger still for LeftMaps - as downloadable bike routing software looms on the horizon.

So if you want to peep the work of LeftMaps, point your pooper here:

LeftMaps. It's not just an adventure. It's a job.