Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hooper's hangover ('Sesame Street' Wednesday)

That Mr. Hooper was one cool peep!

He was all business, that Mr. Looper was. But he ruled! So he's entitled - ENTITLED, dammit! - to get drunk every now and then.

In one segment back in 1976, Mr. Hooper seemed to oversleep one morning and ended up opening his store later than usual. He claimed it was because he was up too late studying for his GED:

Come on, Hoops! We know what really happened here. It's a hangover, obviously!

Mr. Hooper had it made by this point in his life. Why suffer the torture of going back to high school when you've got your golden years ahead of you? Mr. Hooper couldn't possibly be that much of a glutton for punishment, could he?

Nah. It's a hangover.

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