Friday, December 3, 2010

Lawn Chair Quarterback: "Tuna Salad"

Our latest 'LCQ' episode shows the ingredients that go into making a mean tuna salad.

But the most important ingredient is a healthy dose of progressive populism, and this segment lives up to expectations. I also describe arguing with fascists on Facebook, as they display their complete ignorance of the Tenth Amendment.

The Tenth Amendment is supposed to safeguard state autonomy. Lately, right-wingers have been spluttering that this means the Tenth should keep a state's citizenry from benefiting from federal programs. But that's not what the Tenth means. The Tenth Amendment is actually supposed to keep the feds from running roughshod over individual liberties and rights. It has nothing to do with benefits programs.

So if a state legalizes marijuana, the federal government has no right to say it can't. Yet some right-wingers on Facebook - which is about the only place outside of Free Republic and Congress where people still support expanding the failed War on Drugs - insist that rogue federal drug war diktats reign supreme over the states.

Um, I thought conservatives we're supposed to be the ones who are for states' rights? Or is this yet another example of "states' rights for me, not for thee"?

Well, so right-wingers don't understand the Constitution. Or maybe they do but just don't care. So what else is new? In any event, here's the latest 'LCQ':

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