Friday, December 10, 2010

Lawn Chair Quarterback: "Tim The Computer Programmer"

"My little program, my little program..." (Sung to the tune of "My Little Pony.")

Tim's a damn good FreeBASIC programmer. Naysayers laugh at any mention of BASIC or any derivative of it, but the BASIC family of programming languages can do wonders. I don't know Fortran or Cobol or any of those other newfangled languages that our economic gatekeepers expect you to know these days. But I'm quite fluent in BASIC.

So I wrote a little progie-wogie!

It's called LeftMaps Router, and I released the first version of it several months ago. I Make Money from it, don't ya know. However, it's free to download and use (since my revenues come from website ads, such a businessman I am).

LeftMaps Router maps out bicycling routes in much of the Cincinnati metropolitan region. Recently, I added complete terrain data, and my next release shall include updated road info. (Such as it were. The data I downloaded from the Census Bureau still thinks half of Pete Rose Way hasn't been torn down. Welcome to 1995, Census Bureau.)

Our latest 'LCQ' demonstrates how my program works:

Who ever thought BASIC would let you write such advanced programs?

LeftMaps Router can be downloaded here:

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