Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Creationist theme park wants bailout

If your jaw hasn't hit the floor yet over some of the entries on this blog, I think the wait may finally be over.

A "young Earth" creationist museum in northern Kentucky founded by the right-wing Answers in Genesis cult has become a local laughingstock. (Then again, it's not in my county, so I can take comfort in the fact that it's other counties' turn to be embarrassed by elitist cults.)

Now Answers in Genesis is teaming up with Ark Encounters LLC - a for-profit firm - to build an 800-acre theme park. In doing so, Answers in Genesis may become the second AIG to get a government bailout: It may receive a $37,500,000 tax break from the state to build this park.

As a Kentuckian, that's my money. I'm paying sales and other taxes just to give Answers in Genesis a bailout?

The pretext for this handout is that the theme park will create jobs in a region that's been economically depressed for a quarter-century. I'm all for jobs. But doesn't giving taxpayer money to a creationist group violate the separation of church and state? Breaching the establishment clause in this manner is actually a form of cheap elitism.

An equally important point is that this cult is peddling its nonsense to children. I'd prefer not to have it in the area, even if it hires me as the theme park's CEO. You don't mess with our area's children - EVER!


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