Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lawmaker wants to censor media outlets that support WikiLeaks

Congressman-select Allen West (R-Florida) - who is a nutcase and war criminal who pleaded guilty to assaulting a prisoner in Iraq - doesn't just want to censor WikiLeaks. He also wants to censor anybody who supports WikiLeaks.

In an Internet broadcast, West declared that the government "should be censoring" news outlets that are "applauding" the WikiLeaks release of damning documents.

So if some newspaper or blog somewhere runs an editorial praising WikiLeaks, it should be censored? You're an idiot, Allen.

I will praise WikiLeaks, because this is America, I am an American, and praising WikiLeaks is constitutionally protected speech. A war criminal like Allen West will not deprive me of this right.

On the other hand, who's ever seen the pop-up media praise WikiLeaks? In fact, the dinosaur press has barely reported on the WikiLeaks documents at all. The Citizens United ruling means the media can now be bribed not to report it, and that's exactly what's happening.

This comes on the heels of Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee trying to solicit the murder of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Palin said Assange should be "hunted down" and killed. Tom Flanagan, a senior adviser to Canada's right-wing dictator Stephen Harper, said, "I think Assange should be assassinated actually."

Transparency and freedom of the press really scare the other side, don't they?



  1. There;s so much wrong with this one. To start, you apparently descrbe anyone who you don't like as a right-wing dicatator How is Harper a dictator? How is West a war criminal for firing a gun near the head of a detainee to get information out of him to prevent an upcoming attack on American troops?

    Also, how many of your books did they sell? Not very many I assume.

  2. Also, loser, West was elected 54-46.

  3. So what? Wasn't Hitler elected with 96%?