Monday, December 13, 2010

Such idiots

I knew the Republicans weren't too bright, and this only drives the point home more (though it's not as if the DLC is exactly Mensa material either).

After right-wing officials sued over the new health care law - citing the insurance mandate - a federal judge ruled today that the mandate is unconstitutional. Not the entire law - just that part of it.

See, the Republicans actually thought that suing over that part of the law would get the entire law struck down. They really are that dumb.

But nope. Instead the court struck down the only major provision that the Republicans had supported. (They favored the insurance mandate before it became part of this bill.) It's mighty hilarious that - by suing over the health care law - they accomplished the exact opposite of what they truly wanted.

Even better, doesn't this mean mandatory car insurance is unconstitutional now too? I sure as shit hope so, because auto insurance is as much of a rip-off as health insurance is. Like health insurance, it's another product that costs us so much but brings us next to nothing in return.

The fact that the only way they thought they could get the health care law struck down was to sue over the only part of it they had supported is proof they have absolutely nothing to go on to get the rest of it struck down.

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