Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meth labs soar in Mississippi because of pseudoephedrine law

Oops. (Slaps head.) Didn't think this would happen, did ya? (Yeah, right.)

This year, Mississippi became the second state to require a prescription for over-the-counter pseudoephedrine allergy drugs. The law was signed by white supremacist Gov. Haley Barbour. And - as in Oregon - passage of this law was promptly followed by a sharp spike in meth labs.

One county alone has seen over 100 meth labs this year, including almost 30 just in the month after the law took effect.

Meanwhile, Mississippians who try to buy over-the-counter pseudoephedrine in neighboring states are illegally turned away by drugstores. As if that wasn't enough, a computerized system then alerts Mississippi authorities, who then set up unconstitutional roadblocks to bust these allergy sufferers when they try reentering the Magnolia State.

Gee, thanks, Haley Barbour, you idiot. As long as you're governor, I don't think the other states have to worry about being ranked #51 at many things. Still, that's no excuse, and it's time we fight the teabaggers who got this law passed.

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  1. Since these anti-pseudoephedrine laws went into effect, there has been a sharp increase in "shake and bake" meth labs. These labs are extremely dangerous and many houses, apartments and hotels have exploded due to these labs. Children have been killed in these explosions. The politicians who passed these laws should be tried and convicted of murder.