Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea Party finally picks the wrong fight

A few of my fellow members of the Occupy family have urged me not to be so hard on the Tea Party, since they seem to think the teaburglars are just like us except they wear Paul Revere hats instead of Occupy masks. But I've known from the giddy-up that the Tea Party was against us, and now it shows more than ever.

For example, the Tea Party is planning a rally in Hendersonville, North Carolina, with the specific objective of opposing Occupy Hendersonville. (It does not appear as if Hendersonville has its own Tea Party, yet the town has an active Occupy. It's a bit like how Campbell County has had 3 Occupy rallies so far but never a single Tea Party protest.)

It gets sillier. Meet the misnamed Ohio Liberty Coalition - a parasol group for Ohio teagaggers. The Columbus-based OLC is the gang of 1-percenters who are campaigning for a work-for-less law in the Buckeye State. Now they're demanding that The Media, law enforcement, and the Ohio Attorney General collaborate on an official investigation of every Occupy group in the whole state.

The OLC's public statement comes in the wake of the Cleveland Five arrests - even though the Cleveland Five aren't Occupiers. Occupy Cleveland folks have reported that their only encounters with the fivesome was when they saw them wandering through the crowd at the Occupy camp and stomping off once they learned Occupy has a nonviolence pledge. But even before the Cleveland Five story, the OLC had been trying to get officials to launch an official probe of Occupy. Last month, they gave paperwork to the Ohio Attorney General's office demanding such an investigation.

The OLC also charged that Occupy was conspiring with the United Auto Workers and others to promote a "big government agenda." Uh, if the Cleveland Five are anarchists, and if Occupy supports them (which they don't), then how can Occupy be for big government? Gotcha, OLC!

After reading this, do any Occupy peeps still think we should be best buds with the teaburglars?

If the Ohio Liberty Coalition wants to pick a fight with all Buckeye-based Occupy groups, my message to the OLC is this: GO AHEAD AND TAKE YOUR VERY BEST FUCKING SHOT!!!!! That's a fight the OLC will lose - and lose big. Occupy is unusual in that it gets more popular each time its enemies in the press or the government launch a salvo against it. After the Cleveland Five story broke, Occupy Cleveland received many words of support from passing motorists. The Media can't take down Occupy, because nobody believes a word they say when they attack us. The blowhards who make hay over negative press about us know it's bullshit but they're too dumb to realize everybody else knows it too.

If the Tea Party had actually supported smaller government instead of being a safe haven for every racist clown and right-wing class warrior in America, an Occupy/Tea Party coalition would have been absolutely unstoppable. But the Tea Party is nothing but the thuggish "values voter" cult under a different name. The Tea Party should have been investigated even before it was the Tea Party.

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