Saturday, November 8, 2008

Discover bubble gum too! (Bubble Gum Weekend)

Discover bubble gum! You can chew it, and you can even blow bubbles with it!

For years, when someone mentioned Orville and Wilbur Wright to me, I often asked if they remembered a Care-Free gum commercial featuring actors playing the Wright brothers. Their response was always the same: "You're making that up!"

But I knew it wasn't just my imagination, and now I'm absolutely floored to find that ad on YouTube decades later!

Like Care-Free's Benjamin Franklin ad, this hilarious commersh was part of a patriotic series that extolled the size of a stick of Care-Free. But the Wright brothers ad (reportedly from 1979) was different in that it featured a guy in a funny golf hat bubbling:

Note also that at the end of the ad when the jingle starts playing, one of the Wrights starts dancing side to side in the same manner that the Gum Fighter did in some of the Hubba Bubba commercials.

So discover bubble gum! Discover it under your computer desk, discover it stuck on the sidewalk, and discover it in your hair! Bubble gum exists for you to discover!

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