Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GOP mercenary firm gets laughed at

Pity the poor losers. On second thought, don't.

The GOPstapo may be pretty adept at rigging the election in Kentucky by offering faulty voting machines, but everything else they do is a total failure.

Now a CIA-linked mercenary firm called Evergreen Defense & Security Services has offered to post sentries at polling places in Oregon with the purpose of "detaining troublemakers." The News Register of McMinnville described the company's founder as "a political conservative who enjoys close ties with the federal government and military."

The mercenary firm's parent company has ties to the right-wing intelligentsia - even schlepping Bill O'Reilly around Kuwait. (Why was O'Reilly visiting a country ruled by a regime that is so totalitarian that it banned 'Fahrenheit 9/11'?)

"Detaining troublemakers", huh? Sounds like voter intimidation to me. And I guarantee that if someone laid a hand on me to stop me from voting, they'd get an elbow in the teeth. If some fascist thug fights me, I fight back.

But here's the funny part: Oregon doesn't have polling places anymore. Oregon votes by mail. Voters are supposed to have ballots mailed to them. They mail the completed ballots back or turn them in at drop boxes at county offices.

So this move by Evergreen Defense & Security Services is a bust. All because they weren't smart enough to realize that voting in Oregon is by mail.

Is Evergreen gonna post sentries in folks' living rooms? That's where most people in Oregon voted! Hahahahaha!

(Source: http://blog.wired.com/defense/2008/11/spooky-defense.html)

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