Friday, August 27, 2010

Justice Department wants to gut climate change suit

Horseshit like this is why I switched to the Green Party.

When the Democrats do things that are phenomenally stupid like this, I can't be held responsible. It's just like with the school-to-prison conversions during the Clinton years or Ron Wyden's ridiculous crusade against pseudoephedrine.

After California and other states filed a lawsuit to require power companies to clean up their filthy practices that contribute to climate change, the Justice Department is now trying to block this suit.

Blocking the suit would be par for the course for, say, a John Ashcroft or an Alberto Gonzales. But the same can be said of Eric Holder, since he's made such little progress in his term as Attorney General.

The Justice Department is arguing that states have no power to regulate polluters, and that the states should be barred from suing power companies.

Stories like this make me ask what the point was in the Democrats spending all that money and effort in the last election. This policy of federal "preemption" of lawful state powers comes straight from the W-Bush top 40 survey. It violates the very foundation of federalism.

Obama ought to just fire Eric Holder already. Seriously. This has gone on long enough.

The power of states to sue irresponsible corporations is one of the things the Tenth Amendment was designed to cover.


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