Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rand Paul accused of abducting woman

Alright, that's about enough of you, Rand.

Rand Paul - Republican Senate candidate in Kentucky - is now being accused of abducting a woman and forcing her to smoke pot and perform a bizarre ritual. The alleged incident - reported by GQ magazine - was supposedly part of a "prank" while Paul attended Baylor University. (Paul claims to have received a bachelor's degree from Baylor, but he never did. He did however attend school there.)

Something like this is not a "prank." A prank would be sticking bubble gum on a 4 Non Blondes poster at the student radio station. Kidnapping is not a "prank." Just because Rand Paul lived a life of privilege doesn't mean that he can call his alleged crimes a "prank." If I did something half as bad as what he allegedly did, I'd be doing hard time.

Rand Paul isn't denying the story. Instead, he's attacking the media for a "leftist agenda."

If the story is true, Paul is absolutely unfit to serve in the Senate.

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