Friday, August 27, 2010

Bret Schundler fired!

One of the most dangerous types of right-wingers is the type that never shuts up but is just adored by the media through thick and thin. The reason why they're so bad is that the media actually seems to give them credibility they don't deserve.

Bret Schundler - a longtime fixture in New Jersey Republican politics - is such a politician. I've been an avid critic of the former Jersey City mayor for years (including the time he copied a photo of a Howard Dean rally and hastily pasted a photo of himself over Dean). But now it's all crashing down for him.

It turns out the scandal surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's apparent inability to read a simple Race to the Top form wasn't completely Christie's fault after all. Most of it was actually the fault of Schundler, who Christie had appointed as education commissioner.

Christie had defended Schundler, saying he provided the information that had been excluded in the clerical error that cost the state $400,000,000 in federal school funds. But now a video proves that's a lie.

But when the truth came to light, Schundler didn't voluntarily resign. Instead, he asked Christie to fire him - just so he could collect unemployment benefits. You've got a hell of a way to cost New Jersey taxpayers' money, Bret.

Bye, Bret, you idiot.


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