Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kentucky meth labs reach record high

It's another record!

No, I don't mean the Scott Brown kind of record.

Kentucky is now reporting yet another record-breaking year for meth labs. In October alone, Kentucky cops found 111 labs - breaking the monthly record. This brings this year's total to 919, which already shatters the yearly record of 741 that was set last year.

This happened because of newer state and federal restrictions that punish law-abiding citizens who do something as simple as buy Sudafed. It didn't happen in spite of these restrictions. It happened because of them.

I knew this would happen when the restrictions were enacted. Nobody in power listened - because they just didn't care. Laws like this keep the drug warriors in business. In fact, drug agents are making meth themselves. If they got out of the illicit drug biz, America wouldn't have a major drug problem. Period.

Now that we know restrictions against the law-abiding don't work, the drug warriors want - you guessed it! - more restrictions. They've prefiled a bill in the Kentucky legislature that would make Sudafed a prescription drug - thus illegally overriding a federal law that makes it over-the-counter.

After WikiLeaks burst the dam of government cover-ups, I have absolutely zero faith in the Democrats, and I have even less in the Republicans. They'll spend an entire legislative session on shit like their Sudafed bill, but they won't lift a finger to help anybody. Health care reform? Minimum wage increase? Education reform? Civil liberties protections? With the current crop of criminals in our legislature, forget about it.

If the drug warriors want a war so badly, it's time we bring it home to our public squares. They started it, and it's going to be finished.

(Source: http://www.wkyt.com/home/headlines/Kentucky_meth_labs_hit_all_time_high_110522249.html)

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