Thursday, June 16, 2016

A new sampling of Kentucky GOP fail

The Republicans' chances of winning the Kentucky House this year (or ever again) are diminishing as we speak - and it's not just because Matt Bevin and Donald Trump are so unpopular.

Wesley Morgan of Richmond is said to be one of the GOP's best chances at unseating an incumbent Democrat. But this Tea Party favorite shoots his mouth off so much that this chance is sinking into the sunset. Recent posts on his personal Facebook page consist largely of memes praising Donald Trump, idiotic race-baiting, conspiracy theories, and the like. He even has a meme that says, "Islam: contributing not one damn thing to humanity for 1400 years."

Wesley Morgan hasn't contributed a damn thing to humanity for 1,400 years.

Get this: Morgan even posted a meme criticizing the government for enacting age of consent laws.

To run for state rep in a college town (the district doesn't even include the whole county) on a far-right platform that includes slashing higher education funding, in what will probably be a relatively high-turnout election, is not a recipe for victory. But some still insist it's one of the best chances for a Republican pickup. I'm wondering if the GOP will flip a single damn seat.

Why do Democrats have a majority in the Kentucky House but not in legislatures in other states that fit this regional or demographic profile? I think it's because the Kentucky GOP has such a record of violence and corruption that it drives away swing voters. There's no way Republicans in, say, Ohio or maybe Iowa are this bad. You've got to see Kentucky Republicans in action to appreciate 'em. They really are that horrible.

Did I mention Wesley Morgan - although a close Matt Bevin ally - hates Paul Ryan too? He posted on Facepoo an article with a doctored picture of Ryan wearing a turban.

This could be the year that vanquishes the GOP at the national level. But we don't want the Republicans to keep shambling along in Kentucky - even though it's a rural state. Get them out of here.