Sunday, June 12, 2016

Time to crack down on right-wing hate groups

The Orlando massacre was right-wing domestic terrorism and a hate crime.

The gunman was originally from New York, so this was not international terrorism. Police even confirmed that it was domestic terrorism. The attack certainly wasn't left-wing, because I've never heard of any left-wingers who are militantly antigay.

The problem isn't that people are allowed to own guns. The problem is that right-wing bigots are allowed to own guns. Everyone is afraid to pinpoint this as the issue, because the Far Right has screamed so much about being "persecuted" that people are afraid of being shouted down if they put forth a reasonable proposal to combat domestic terrorism.

America has right-wing hate groups like Alliance Defending Freedom that operate essentially unfettered. The country is also dotted with other entities that promote bigotry as they encourage their followers to become involved in positions of public trust.

Broadly speaking, a crackdown on right-wing hate groups is badly needed. It will take time to figure out more specific actions that should be taken. This should be a serious nationwide discussion - not something limited to this blog.

Meanwhile, right-wing loudmouths already began blaming President Obama for the massacre even before I discovered it had taken place.