Sunday, June 5, 2016

Chuck Woolery, a hypocrite

Does anyone give a shit what this washed-up has-been thinks?

Chuck Woolery is a game show host from some years back who you may vaguely remember. Lately, all he does is shoot his mouth off on right-wing TV and radio shows.

Recently, in a Fox News appearance, Woolery praised the McCarthy-era practice of blacklisting alleged communists. He also attacked people who want the minimum wage increased.

As it turns out, Chuck Woolery actually left Wheel Of Fortune in 1981 because of a pay dispute. He wanted to be paid $500,000 a year - which was a fortune in 1981 - just to work 30 minutes a day.

Yet he criticizes people who are aren't asking for nearly as much money to work a full-time schedule? What an idiot.