Friday, June 17, 2016

Boom. Campbell County Tea Party activist arrested for selling opiates.

What did I tell you?

I've said for a year that the Tea Party has been supporting itself by selling drugs. People didn't listen. They just thought it was a left-wing conspiracy theory.

Anyone who doubted me is eating crow now.

John Roth, 60, of Cold Spring is one of Campbell County's leading Tea Party voices. He was a key plaintiff in the frivolous lawsuit against the library and often launches tirades at local government meetings wearing a Donald Trump cap. Now he's been arrested by police in my hometown of Highland Heights for a felony charge of selling oxycodone, a widely abused opiate.

Think I'm making this up? Think again. Even the right-wing Cincinnati Enquirer is covering the story...

So you're saying the Enquirer is making that up?

Roth, incidentally, was at the county government meeting in April regarding heroin programs. His pals ranted that the county was enabling heroin abuse by enacting a needle exchange.