Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Right-wing extremist commits mass shooting in West Virginia

It's happened again.

America has seen yet another mass shooting - this time at the hands of a right-wing extremist in West Virginia. On Monday, Erick Shute ambushed and fatally gunned down 3 neighbors. He then went on the run and was found yesterday in Pennsylvania. He then admitted killing the men.

Shute calls himself a "sovereign citizen" - which is just his way of saying he's a right-winger who thinks he shouldn't have to obey the law like everyone else. The "sovereign citizen" concept isn't based on any real principles - and fails to remedy any real injustice. It's nothing but repackaged right-wing nonsense.

Shute was also a big supporter of Rand Paul's ill-fated presidential bid and Orly Taitz's birther conspiracy theories. Shute also said he'd only support military personnel if they burned down the White House, and he said Michelle Obama is "really a man."