Thursday, June 16, 2016

Strange dream about an Arkansas road trip

Here's another weird dream to interpret.

This dream took place shortly before I woke up yesterday morning. It seems as if the longest, most involved dreams take place late in a sleep session. During this dream, a family member and I were on a road trip across Arkansas or some other predominantly rural state. A state trooper pulled us over for some trumped-up offense and transported us to a local gas station food mart.

We were not cuffed, but we were held inside the store with numerous other people nabbed by the long arm of the law. The trooper ordered us all to stay in the store while he left. He said he'd return later.

After what seemed like about a half-hour, I and my family member simply got up and walked away from the store.

I know it's not as hilarious as the dream with Ronald Reagan walking down a hotel hallway with smoke coming out of his pants, but it still bears interpreting.