Thursday, June 30, 2016

First Amendment? Not for laid-off workers

The Republicans pretend to be flag-waving superpatriots, sweeping their hairy nutsacks across a relief map of this fine land.

But they lie. The GOP is the party of offshoring American jobs to overseas sweatshops. Plus, they abuse the temporary visa program and exploit foreign workers in America.

I have nothing against immigration in general. But I find it interesting that Republicans build their political machine on attacking immigrants but won't even hire American workers.

And now, workers who were fired because their employer offshored their work or gave their jobs to foreign laborers on temporary visas are no longer allowed to speak out. That's because employers are forcing workers to sign agreements prohibiting them from criticizing the company even when they no longer work there.

This is an outright affront to the First Amendment, and I don't see how any court in its right mind would uphold a clause like this. I can see maybe the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit upholding it, since they've rarely met a corporation they didn't like, but no Constitution obeyer would ever uphold it.

Now some members of Congress are taking notice and are threatening to crack down on companies that make workers sign such a clause. But - given this Congress's record of obstructionism - don't hold your breath that anything will be done.

Sounds like Congress needs another sit-in.