Friday, June 17, 2016

Bevin appointee smoked crack in front of daughter

Matt Bevin can't do a single damn thing right.

Now yet another appointee in Bevin's corrupt administration is under fire for criminal activity. Noelle Hunter - who was appointed by Bevin to head Kentucky's Office of Highway Safety - was once charged with child endangerment for smoking crack cocaine in her car in front of her infant daughter.

This is the person in charge of overseeing drunken and drugged driving programs - and gets paid over $80,000 a year for it - yet she smoked crack in her car with her child inside.

Strangely, the record of this charge had been expunged - while many Kentuckians charged with far less serious crimes have it on their record for decades. The Republican system of favoritism is seen in action yet again.

Oh, and the mandatory Tea Party spamming of news website comment sections to defend Noelle Hunter is in progress.