Saturday, June 4, 2016

Right-wing revolving door = early retirement

The right-wingers are always whining that everyone else doesn't work - when the right-wingers won't work themselves. They tell everyone else (no matter their age) to get a job in fast food, when the right-wingers have never had to work in fast food.

How come a guy who is only about my age (about 43) who has no disabling physical condition whatsoever able to retire already? I had dealings with this contemptible character once in 2000, so I've kept an eye on him. I know he had an important job then, but he abused his position (in dealings with me and others). He apparently was rewarded with a more lucrative job later. According to his Facebook page, he has 5 tiny tots to raise, so how can he afford retiring in his early 40s?

It seems that even before he officially retired, he stopped doing actual labor. One of his Facebook posts from several years back shows him out having fun on a Friday morning when everyone else was at work. How can he afford this?

No worries. He's got it made. He's part of the right-wing revolving door. They've kept him fed, and they'll continue to do so for the rest of his stupid life. His political views were evident years ago, and were later made public on Facebook. He clearly has a screw loose. He benefited from the local Republican machine, which encouraged his abuse and let him quickly rise through the echelons of society for greater rewards.

Call it wingnut welfare, if you will (or if you won't).

I had to get a job when I was 17, and was repeatedly assaulted on the way home from work. Plus, I've had PTSD for years. You can be a hard worker like me - or you can be someone who beats the system like the guy in this story and gets away with it because of politics. On the other hand, he never should have even been hired for the jobs he had. His right-wing extremism should have been a disqualifying factor. Maybe it's for the best that now he's being kept away from any position of responsibility.

That doesn't make it right. The most fitting justice I can think of at the moment would be the immediate arrest and detention of right-wing public officials who have allowed this to happen. I despise them, and I am quite certain I could break their fucking noses and be grinning the whole time.