Friday, July 1, 2016

Bevin threatened legislator who refused to switch parties

A lawmaker has come forward with a revelation that Matt Bevin threatened him because he refused to switch parties.

Kentucky State Rep. Kevin Sinnette, an Ashland Democrat, said Bevin approached him and other Democrats about switching their affiliation to Republican in an attempt to flip the precarious Kentucky House. When Sinnette rebuffed Bevin, Bevin launched threats and personal attacks against him.

Sinnette said Bevin told him he'd "do everything in my power to get you beat and take you down." After the meeting, right-wing activist Dr. Frank Simon made robocalls to voters in Sinnette's district attacking Sinnette.

Plus, in apparent retaliation against Sinnette, Republican legislators removed road projects in Sinnette's district from the budget. The legislator says other Democrats were treated the same way by Bevin, and he was afraid to come forward about this for fear of further retaliation.

Let's get one thing clear: What Bevin did is illegal and impeachable.