Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I saw a Bush sticker today

To this very day, I still see more Michael Dukakis bumper stickers than Donald Trump. But today, we traveled by car to southern Campbell County. The southern half of the county is an alternate universe stuck in a time warp like that area in Moldova that never got over the breakup of the Soviet Union. What I saw today is an indicator of that.

We stopped at the Meijer store in Cold Spring to use the johnnypot, and my jaw just about hit the ground when I saw what I saw. I walked past a car that had a white, oval sticker that made me do a double-take. It sure looked like a "W '04" sticker from George W. Bush's 2004 campaign. But it couldn't possibly be. As I got closer to the car, I discovered the sad truth: It was.

Worst all, it was a brand new car! It wasn't some old clunker from 12 years ago. What this means is that there's some right-winger out in Cold Spring or Alexandria who hoarded Bush stickers back in 2004 and still uses them whenever they buy a new car.

How utterly humiliating.

I really didn't think I'd ever see one of those stickers on a car ever again, since Bush was unpopular to begin with, and all his supporters were rich, so they can buy a new car more than once every 12 years.

Betcha anything it's someone I went to Brossart with.