Tuesday, July 19, 2016

City ruins Ploptoberfest

If the city of Cincinnati can't make Oktoberfest work where it was, Oktoberfest doesn't need my money. I won't be returning to that event.

Cincinnati will be opening a microscopic streetcar line soon. It doesn't have much of a practical purpose. It's mostly just a yuppie tourist novelty that only runs a few blocks. The line will cross 5th Street, which for decades has been the site of Oktoberfest - Ploptoberfest, as I call it, because people like to clog toilets there with phone books and pants.

The city can make Ploptoberfest and the streetcar work together. That's what other cities do that have streetcars running near festivals. It's not a problem in other cities. But other cities don't have 3CDC - a gang of corporate overlords that bark out commands and expect total obedience.

So the city decided to just move Oktoberfest closer to the riverfront instead of keeping it near the streetcar. As a result, Ploptoberfest this year will conflict with 4 Reds games. The city is also shrinking the space for the event.

It appears that my annual road trip this year was to start on Ploptoberfest weekend, but now it makes no difference, because I wouldn't have gone to Ploptoberfest anyway because of this development.

The long and short of it is that the city moved Oktoberfest to appease suburbanites who don't live in the cities and already mooch off what the cities have to offer. It's the same right-wing mentality that fueled the push to remove the Central Parkway bike lane.