Tuesday, July 12, 2016

When the Tea Party impeded interstate commerce

I found an article on a trucking website about Black Lives Matter protests that block highways. Someone commented that it's a federal crime to impede vehicles - in this case, commercial trucks - engaged in interstate commerce.

Then why did the Tea Party obstruct highways more than Black Lives Matter has? I saw the Tea Party blocking roads at least a couple times in its brief heyday. But they weren't charged with any crime. For every Black Lives Matter participant who is arrested or charged for blocking roads, at least one Tea Party member needs to be busted too.

The concerns voiced by Black Lives Matter are very real - unlike those of the Tea Party. However, the fact that the Tea Party whined about stupid stuff isn't what's at issue here. The issue is that the Tea Party broke the law - and got away with it.

May all the Tea Party's Ted Nugent records become Coca-Colafied.