Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hospital sued for torturing elderly man

With the graying of America, elder abuse is said to be one of the nation's fastest growing crimes. A northern Kentucky case shows how out of control this crime is.

A lawsuit says workers for St. Elizabeth Healthcare and its partner Sun Behavioral Health tortured an elderly Alzheimer's patient last year. The man was strapped to a table overnight with weights on his legs. This incident resulted in not only a local criminal probe but a federal investigation as well. Criminal charges may be coming.

The suit also accuses St. Elizabeth of false imprisonment. This is the third time this year the hospital has been sued for false imprisonment. In the other 2 suits, patients were held against their will under the widely abused mental illness pretext. The fact that the hospital held people against their will busts the bubbles of all the right-wingers who keep complaining that it's too difficult to have someone involuntarily committed in Kentucky.

Sounds like a lot of people need to go to jail.