Saturday, July 23, 2016

New e-mails proved party bosses rigged primary

You can learn a lot from Wikileaks.

Wikileaks has just exposed e-mails from Democratic hacks proving that they rigged the primary to keep Bernie Sanders from winning. These bored panjandrums privately plotted to undermine Sanders's progressive-leaning campaign. One Democratic official - press secretary Mark Paustenbach - wrote communications director Luis Miranda about feeding a manufactured story to the media about the Sanders campaign supposedly being in shambles.

Even worse, some DLC nobody named Brad Marshall concocted a plan to attack Sanders for being Jewish - in the hopes that voters in Appalachia would reject him. This strategy was bigoted on 2 fronts: It was anti-Jewish, and it was anti-Appalachian, for it assumed folks in Appalachia were dumb enough to fall for appeals to bigotry. (It didn't work anyway, because Sanders won every county in West Virginia.)

Party hacks also coordinated with MSNBC's Chuck Todd in an attempt to discredit efforts to install better party leadership.

All this while the party establishment kept rejecting the Sanders campaign's claims of a rigged primary.

Corrupt, bigoted party bosses took a stand in the primary before any votes were even cast! I know the modern Democrats have a history of this - Super Tuesday is an example - but now Wikileaks has confirmed it.

With the Democratic convention looming next week, now I truly hope there is a floor fight. The party bosses have earned it.